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Allow me to properly introduce author Kim Robinson who wrote a roux In The Gumbo which tells the story of her history.
Can you tell us a little about your book?

It starts in the 1800’s in Louisiana telling the story of people who helped my Great-Grandmothers and Grandmother whose life story I tell through the migration to California and goes through to 1997 to my grandmothers funeral. Back in the day women had a lot of adversity to overcome, but they also had the heart to help others. Every person ads something to everyone they touch. This story has slavery, reconstruction, prohibition, depression era

What made you feel compelled to write The Roux In The Gumbo?
I was bedridden during the end of my pregnancy and my grandmother came from California to help me out. One day we were watching Oprah talk about her life and she said “Shoot I could write a book, I had a lot of stuff happen to me.” Shoot you should write one too.” She started telling one them old stories, you know the kind you have heard a few times growing up and since the computer was set right next to the pull out couch in the den where I spent my days “I said lets do it. I bet everybody in the family would like to read it. When she went back home I bought her a tape recorder so that when she thought of something she could tape it and send it to me. Every few months I sent her tickets and she would come and stay for awhile. My grandmother suffered a stroke during a spinal cancer surgery and went into a coma. I printed out what I had and went to California, I would sit by her bed reading and the family asked me what I was reading and when I told them they said they wanted to read it, my mother made some copies and gave them out. One day while I was reading to my grandmother she said my name, though still in a coma. Everyone said that I had to finish the book. She died a few days later. When I went back home my family members would call me and give me their memories and send tapes that I added to the book, my grandmother’s sister and I would talk over the phone and I sent her a ticket to come but sadly she got sick and died before she could come but I did get everything she wanted in. My mother came and started reading and giving me her memories and here you have it. The title is because everyone who has someone who influenced their lives just as the Roux base or gravy in Gumbo influences every spoonful.

How long have you been writing?
I used to write poetry as a kid, and have always been an avid reader, I started this book in 1993. I didn’t get serious until she died, because her spirit is always around me encouraging me to finish.

Do you feel that you told the story the way your family would have wanted it or approved of it?
I left out a whole lot of stuff so that no one would get upset. I believe that my ancestors all approve of this because it is a way of carrying on their memories and they were amazing people who persevered through a lot of tragedy. I feel in my heart that what I am doing is god’s way of using me to help others.

What does it mean to be Capa Nominee?
Actually my email was blowing up with congratulations on your capa and all I could say was thanks, but can you tell me what a capa is? Romance Studio was one the first people I queried about doing a review for my book. Most of the reviewers on the list I was given accepted the book but I only saw a review from them and In the library Reviews. I was very pleased with what Diane Tugman wrote and she even wrote to me before finishing the book to tell me how much it made her think of her own grandmother. Capa is where the reviewer picks the book they liked the most. Diane picked me. I am very grateful.

When is the release of the book?
February 1st.

Besides writing is there anything else you like to do?
I love to cook. I spent a lot of time in my Grand mothers café “Moms Soul Food,” in Los Angeles. My grandmother always said that there is no greater gift you can give someone than a plate of food. You feed the body and you feed the soul, and always cook in good spirits because that will go into the food. I also love to sew, curtains, comforters, clothes, I have been sewing since I was seven, my dad was a tailor and I loved hanging out in his sewing room with him and it stuck. Spending time with my family is also something I cannot get enough of

What advice can you offer to others?
Don’t give up. I have over 200 rejections letters and when my writing gets me to the point where I can build a house I am going to wallpaper with them with my contracts and book covers write in the center for incentive. If god has put it on your heart to write something you should do it, because you never know what your words can bring to someone’ life

Do you have Support from your family?
Yes, My kids read everything I write and my husband Pays! My grandmother's sister helped and my parents pushed me to complete it.

What can we expect from you next?
Working on next book G Momma tells the story of exgang member/prostutite who raised five kids. She feels Pentinary ain't nothing but a college". It will be told in an 8 book series.

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