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God Ain't Spelled Government

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June 1971

There was a rash of UFO sightings. The government’s attempts to discount them as hallucinations and air force testing was working. Had the truth been known it would cause global panic. In fact Government officials from all over the world were meeting in Roswell, New Mexico with aliens who had landed on Earth.

The planet they hailed from was one that had not been charted. It had been raped of all natural resources. Evolution and inventions had brought about pollution and radiation which left their planet uninhabitable. Power struggles lead to the creation of nuclear weapons of mass destruction leaving the air polluted and food sources contaminated. Incurable diseases ran rampant, leaving their population skeletal.

The few healthy aliens that remained built space crafts to enable them to leave. Their only alternative was to remain and perish along with the millions who were dead and dying. Each alien underwent a physical examination to ensure they were free of illness and disease before they were allowed to board. The remainder of the populace was exterminated by weapons that were mercifully deployed once there craft had attained a safe distance.

They spent light years touring and investigating other planets in hopes of finding a place where they could exist. Their physical traits were incapable of adapting to certain environments and there was not enough time to develop environmentally friendly structures. They found Earths atmosphere closest to their own.

Several aliens stood and explained that they had been among humans for the last two hundred years. With the help of medicine their lungs were able to adapt and process air.

“The last few decades earth’s atmosphere has become so polluted that it has been necessary for us to inject ourselves weekly rather than monthly with a chemical we have developed that allows our bodies to process and eliminate the contaminates that are causing humans many of the fatal physical maladies,” the alien who introduced himself as Mork, said.

“We could have easily taken control of your planet at any time. When we sent our first teams here to investigate this was our intention. However, we have no desire to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors. As we studied your habits, we discovered that humans are not very different from our own race. The only advantage that we have is the fact that we evolved several millenniums before you. We have also become quite fond of some of you,” The next alien Treak, said.

“We enjoy the creature comforts that you have developed. Our sustenance consisted of bland wafers processed from our dead. We soon discovered that this aided and accelerated the spread of disease and it was not nearly as enjoyable as your fare, my personal favorites being the Italian and Mexican cuisine. The third Alien Meark, said.

“Not to mention your methods of reproduction are much more enjoyable than our incubation chambers. We can not procreate successfully with each other as we have delightfully been able to do with you humans,” The assistant to the czar said.

The officials were revolted by their physical appearance. Fear struck in their hearts when they realized what this meant, they had been here all this time. They had been spending almost every day of their lives working and entertaining officials who were aliens.

“This is an atrocity and I for one do not plan to allow you take over our world.” The prime minister of Russia said as he stood and attempted to leave. There were many comments made that supported his views. When he got to the door he found that he could not open it.

“Just how do you presume to stop us, you can not even leave this room unless we allow it. We are going to live on this planet with you or without you, it’s your decision?” The First lady, Rosalyn said. The room fell quiet. The Russian returned to his seat.

The President of the United States was aghast as he watched his wife Rosalyn; whom he had been married to for thirty six years, morph into alien form. He never had a clue.

“We have kids together. What of our children are they your species or mine?” he asked.

The look on his face told her that her natural appearance was abhorrent to him, she would have to use her capabilities to change his views, it would not be hard they had been implementing there own thoughts and decisions into the earthlings undeveloped minds since they had arrived. She took his hand in her own, and lay the other on the side of his face affectionately. “Unfortunately your genetics are stronger, all four of our children are human.” She did not tell him that by the time they turned forty alien traits would start to surface.

Several politicians rose and proved that they were actually alien impersonators. Each one held key positions making them the primary decision makers of human governments. The White House, Parliament, the Vatican, The Kremlin every country had at least four aliens in power.

The aliens all changed back into human form, they appeared to be amused by the childlike tantrums these human rulers displayed.

The president of Cuba spoke as he walked around the room, “We shared some of our technology with you, some of our simpler creations such as the microwave and lasers and satellites. Instead of utilizing these things for good your scientist experimented, changed and distorted these wonderful inventions until they were weapons. Medicines we made available to you that could have cured any medical malady including the ebola virus, aides, cancer, flu, pneumonia, heart attacks, lung and kidney disease have been greedily horded by pharmaceutical and insurance companies for their own agendas instead of using the medicines to cure the poor and middle classes. Only the richest of the rich were helped.”

The Pope stood, “If you could all join hands and close your eyes we will show you why you need our knowledge to save the human race and this planet.”

They hesitantly complied.

It was if they were watching a movie. They saw black and oriental slaves being taken from their villages and placed on boats where many died of starvation and disease. They were thrown into the sea while others were sent to their deaths because they attempted to fight for their freedom. Once at their destination they showed the woman and men being sold and made to work in fields under unspeakable conditions. Flashes of gang fights, the holocaust and wars flashed through their minds along with visions of women being raped down through generations resulting in retarded, handicapped children. Family members committing incestuous acts on their children making their futures bleak, dismal trauma filled existences. Prisons filled with young men who would never be allowed to live up to their full potential for crimes that were minor compared to the governments atrocities.

They cringed at the site of bombs dismembering and beheading men who were too young to die in senseless wars. Abraham Lincoln, The Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X fell to the ground as they were shot dead. Jews being taken from their homes to live in camps where they were exterminated much like bugs.

They shrank in their chairs as bombs fell in Hawaii, Japan and Europe. They viewed train cars being left on the tracks in ghettos, knowing full well that the abandoned cars would be investigated by the people looking for something to supplement their meager incomes. They would find guns and automatic weapons resulting in decades of genocide.

Livestock injected with steroids to make them grow abnormally large, the same steroids that remained in the food after it was prepared for human consumption, causing an influx of obesity and heart disease. Food stamps were made available to the poorer races for the asking. Within the communities, of government aided housing; like section 8, they could contain these people in desired areas. The government flooded these ghettos and barrios with alcohol and drugs which further crippled the minority races, this plan backfiring as it leaked into their sheltered communities through their children, who now sat in expensive rehabilitation centers getting their lives back, while assistance for Medicaid was cut to the bone due to cutbacks.

“Wars threatening nation against nation would wipe clean all planetary life. The nuclear, biological and chemical weapons would not play favorites. Even the person who detonates the bomb will be affected unless there is a place to wait out the next two years while the earth regenerates and cleanses itself as our planet has been doing for the last year.” The Prince of Iraq said.

“As much as I enjoy some of the creature comforts that you humans afford us, do not make the mistake of thinking that our own existence will be secondary to sentiment, we can always clone more of you, this will happen with or without your assent,” The czars assistant said.

Rosalyn stood and said “We suggest that things go on as they have been for now, we will give you one week to deliberate. We propose the construction of a shelter that would house approximately two million disease free people who have occupations that will contribute to the reconstruction of earth.” The aliens took their leave while the humans stayed sitting in silence trying to process what they had just experienced.

Knowing that they had no choice when they met again they begun working out the details. Rather than die they would cohabitate.

Kim Robinson, © 2004, all rights reserved.
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