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About Me

I am confident that my writing will be a catalyst to help souls who are in negative downward spirals. I thank God every day for my parents and Grandmother’s encouragement, without it I would not be alive. I think that writing is the way for me to use my life experiences to help others know that they can get out of gangs, do some positive things that can make just as much money legally as selling drugs, themselves or others out.

For me it took a relationship with God to show me that there is a reason for my existence, a positive beautiful purpose. At this point in my life the only cuts I have to worry about are paper, and the only shots are my beautiful children’s immunizations.

I love sewing. My father was a tailor and watching him inspired me. I remember, the first thing I ever made, a halter top, the kind with the choker ring around the neck. I attached some yellow yarn as hair, buttons for eyes, and for lips, a red licorice. Well, I can tell you that the California sun had that licorice melting all over the place, but every little girl in the neighborhood was exchanging their toys for one. I sewed through high school and was in the modeling club, where I and my friends showcased my designs. Remember, this was the late 70’s and Superfly and Cleopatra Jones was ‘The Thang.’ I started making long coats and lace up pants out of recycled Levi’s. I made pretty good money and have been sewing every since. There is nothing I love more than completing a project or an outfit, especially the mommy and me clothes for my kids.

Currently I am writing a story entitled “Street life to Housewife,” the title speaks for itself. I have four other books near completion. One is best described as ‘Murder she wrote for the hood.’ G-mama is a sixty eight year old, ex gang banger/ex hustler, who sits in her rocking chair solving crimes that cross her porch. She believes that the penitentiary ‘ain’t nothing but college for criminals’ and there is a way to do penance for your crimes that will make things right in God’s eyes. My goal is an eight book series.

I am close to completion on ‘God ain’t spelled Government.’ Alumni of Dominguez High School, Class of 77’ has leaked a government conspiracy at her twenty year class reunion. The Government does not know who she leaked to, so they set out to kill everyone who attended the reunion.

I love food. Anyone walking behind me can attest to that. I think that the best and most wonderful gift you can give a person is a good meal. In my grandmother’s café, I watched her drag people off the streets and feed them. People swore her food had healing for the soul in it. She said “ain’t nothing that ails a person a good plate of food can’t cure,” and the proof was in the pudding. People take all kinds of medicines that have so many side effects that they end up sicker then when they started out. Herbs, fruits and vegetables have different healing powers. In this cook book I try to show how onions, garlic, ginger etc. can help you live a longer healthier life.

There are three books I have come to rely upon. One is the ‘Green Pharmacy’ the other is ‘Live right for your type.’ It shows you how to eat for your blood type to enhance your body.

The last and most important is the Bible, though I don’t claim to understand all of it, I find a lot of answers in these pages.

You have a wonderful blessed life.



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