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Hello and Welcome               

I am grateful that you are visiting my site where you can review my books, meet my ancestors or browse through the seamstress gallery.

I am a creative person, an author, seamstress, leo, mother, and wife.

My dreams, which is where all my books originate is God’s way of showing me how to be of service to him. I pray that my books bring something of value to every person who reads them.

Every action brings about a reaction
Every person is put on this earth for a purpose
Find yours and excel in it, whatever it may be
Remember that everything you do God can see

Kim Robinson

Life does not start at conception or birth
A soul takes milleniums to create
To raise and nourish future generations of worth
Ancestors who bore fruit, come back to relate
Leaving shared beliefs and astral dreams

Memories and professions passed on with bites of recipes
Cuisine perfected through time with spices of personalities
herbs of love, marinades of meetings
baste in other’s life experiences

A sculptor preserves a person with clay
A photographer immortalizes a face a physique
A producer creates a movie to tell a history
An artist paints a likeness of a profile or day

To get to tomorrow, you have to have yesterdays
Their stories should be told. It is what they deserve
To be passed on to children to come
I write to preserve


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Kim Robinson, © 2004, all rights reserved.
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